16 Minutes spent waiting in 1 hour!

The past hour I put a stopwatch next no my computer. Everytime I hit the save button in the AppGyver web app and had to wait longer than a few seconds, I hit the start button on the stopwatch.

When the saving process was finished and the app refreshed on the phone, I hit the stop button on the stopwatch.

And today, on top of that, AppGyver greeted me with many error messages during these saving episodes. Something that did not happen the past weeks. So it seems to get worse, than better.

This is totally not acceptable, since I can not waste my precious time on staring at an hour glass and it will force me to move on to another provider.





So for today, the AppGyver app is basically broken! If this continues this will cost me 2 full hours in a whole working day!!!

Where are you - what city? Are you on a VPN at all? Just curious. I have had no issues today at all.

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Yes I am using a VPN. It’s super fast for everything else. And some days it also works with AppGyver perfectly fine. But some days, like today, it’s impossible to work with AppGyver.

I would definitely try it without the vpn when there are issues.

What region are you in?

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This is unfortunately, a known issue and has been under our investigation for a while. I am really sorry that you had to spend that much time waiting, and we are looking into solving this.

But as @Phil_Evans pointed out, I would try to avoid using VPNs while working with composer, especially in the times of slowness.


AppGyver preview stopped working all together now! It only shows this:


Same problem (Mexico)

Same issue here for me. Can’t load the preview app.

Same here (USA), both iOS app and web preview will spin for all apps and debugger will not maintain connection or show any errors.

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The issue has just resolved for me.

I had the same problem few moments ago. It’s normal now. Maybe some server cache problem?

Hi all,
Sorry for not informing about this brief downtime! We were upgrading the server capacity at that particular moment (which should contribute to considerably reducing slowness).