2.8.31 build issue

Hello all,

I am attempting to use build 2.8.31 to make sure my app is up to date (google play stated apps will need to target API level 30 (Android 11). I got this mesage when uploading my app to Google Play using build 2.6.8. I am assuming the newest build fixes this, but I get an error message only when attempting build 2.8.31, but the error email and message do not provide any insight as to why the build fails. I have attached screenshots of everything referenced here. DOes anyone have any insight? PS my app is pending review, so the 2.6.8 build passes for now, but looks like Google Play may have issues with the API targeting for this in August.

2021-07-06 15_03_35-AppGyver - Composer Pro

Same thing here for me, I’m sure I entered everything correctly, keystore, icons, etc, etc…

When I enter the build editor there are no errors, and no error report was emailed to me.

I’m also having build failed issues on 2.8.31 and 2.8.33 on iOS. Using 2.6.8 in the meantime but hopefully this gets resolved soon and I was going to send in my Android built today or tomorrow.

Same issue here with 2.8.33

Have you updated your flow functions to the latest version? At least for some push notification related flows there was a deprecated Crashlytics dependency that has caused issues.

I have not used any push notification flows, the app is almost entirely api calls (get/post requests).

Does the error persist with 2.8.33?

It does for me, only 2.6.8 works for me right now, from the comments it looks like others are having this issue as well.

App ID: 239871

Thanks, we will look into this ASAP!

@Harri_Sarsa - The same issue here, works fine on 2.8.31 but 2.8.33 -

App ID: 233879

@Harri_Sarsa I have a separate forum related to using newer builds to meet Google’s August update to require APIs to target level 30 or higher (may be related to this), and I get an error when uploading the 2.6.8 build to Google Play stating this API targeting will be likely be impacted by this update: 2.8.31 build issue

What flow functions should I update to reflect the latest version?