2.8.33 web build fails

I am prototyping on the new 2.8.33 platform but all web builds sadly fail (Error message: Unknown error, contact support for more details).
Falling back to 2.8.31 works so I think its a build error.

App ID: 246292

I’m encountering the same issue.

@Harri_Sarsa @Mari , I created a bug report in the issue tracker here: Error when building web app with 2.8.33 | Voters | AppGyver

@Niklas_Weber , you might want to go upvote it on the issue tracker.

We’ll look into this ASAP, thanks for the report!

The same for me. Has been failing for 2.8.31 and 2.8.33

It was working fine for 2.6.8

It seems to be working again

Thanks a lot!

Apparently building works with android for all the version works after I set up the necessary info for push notification such as the google-services.json etc