2 Questions regarding component properties/ styles

I’m a novice when it comes to JavaScript and associated frameworks so please bear with me

  1. Changing button colour

I would like to be able to change the colour of a push button using logic. Is there a way to do this using AppGyver logic or is this a job for JavaScript? If its JavaScript can anyone point me at some sample code please.

  1. Changing font size of drop down

Any plans to be able to change the font size of a drop down component? OR am I just missing this. Again if its a JavaScript job sample code would be helpful

Thanks in advance

  1. The best way to change a button color is to create a page variable e.g. buttonColor, bind it to the button’s color style by using the link icon and selecting formula, then using a formula pageVars.buttonColor, and then change the color with the Set page variable flow function as part of flow logic.
  2. The dropdown component is a native implementation, so its font size cannot unfortunately be changed. You could create your own dropdown component, but that takes a bit more work than just changing a font size.
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Thank you didn’t realise that the pill shaped icon next to the styles was a button.

No problem re: the dropdown