3rd party API Issue, POST not GET for a list of things not working

Hi all, Newbie to appgyver here. I am trying to utilise a 3rd party API to get a list of things - But the API call is a POST call - not a GET.

I can get it working in the Data configurator, however I just can’t get it to work in the app (or logic flow).

I have tried using the HTTP request in the logic flow, but that doesn’t seem to work at all. (side question, how exactly does this work??)

I have all of the above working fine in bubble.io, so am not coming at this completely from scratch.

Happy to pay for a lesson if somebody is up for it.



Hi Ross,

AppGyver is still a bit buggy when it comes to http requests.
At the moment it is working fine with json data (using the data variable).

You can also write a javascript flow using utilizing the fetch api.
(Downside: You can also send text/json no access to files via javascript)

If you are trying to send something other than json data you have to work it out by trial and error.
File Upload works sometimes (if you are not sending to many files).
Multiple File Upload does not work for me.

I recorded some of my learnings in a little course on youtube.
This might help you getting a better foundation.