3rd party Authentication Sign up + Log in

In the app I’m working on, users need to be able to sign up and log in. To do this, am using Backendless and this tutorial
No seriously this tutorial
I need users to go to the Sign Up page upon opening the app and then be able to log in if they already have an account. To do this, I enabled 3rd party authentication, but then the button leading to the log-in page stopped working. Also, the sign-up button no longer leads off the page. essentially I’m trapped on sign up. Suggestions?

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Hi Tristan, are you still stuck on this view? :slight_smile:

With 3rd party authentication you need to create most of the logic yourself, which is automatically generated when AppGyver Auth is on. Looks like the tutorial you are using (the 2nd one :smile_cat:) has pretty good guidance on that. I’ve also found that this diagram gives a good overview of the flows you need for signup/login, no matter what backend you are using.