3rd Party Rich Text Editor

Hi! I was pretty easily able to drop in script for https://quilljs.com/ Quill Rich Text Editor into a webview, and run their little editor through my app on mobile. Maybe I need to spend more time reading there docs - I don’t know how to pass data from my app to the editor, or from the editor to my app.

Does anybody have any experience doing anything like this with a 3rd party rich text editor? Be it quill, slate, or any of the others? What I am hoping to figure out is just a way to save & load text in the html. I will read through their docs, and spend some time with professor youtube, but thought I would ask here first :slight_smile:

I ask also, because the open rich text editor flow appears to be a bit broken. The title wont change on the editor, and frankly compared to quill the whole thing is pretty clumsy.

There’s no way to use a third party plugin like that, unless you can have it work through a WebView, which I doubt will work for you. We have plans for third party plugins, but they have been heavily delayed and now that we’re finally working on them, it has ended up being a huge rework in many parts of our infrastructure, so it’s going to take much longer than we anticipated. However, before it is ready, we might be releasing a (third party) component using tiptap’s rte plugin, so that might answer your needs already :thinking: I can’t give a schedule though as at this point, there have been so many delays :sweat_smile:

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