4.3.3. Web app build error

I dont know if it’s to do with the recent component updates but Im now getting this error when trying to build my web app with 4.3.3:

App ID: 390963

Runtime version: 4.3.3; AB version: 1.6.2 COMMAND: dockerrun --rm -v /tmp/493249-web-221357:/app:z -v /home/ec2-user/.npmrc:/home/node/.npmrc web ash -c ‘NEXT_SUPPORT_RELATIVE_PATHS=true npx rnv export -p web -s standalone -c standalone --ci --yes --skipRnvCheck --packageManager yarn --template @appgyver/orchestra-template-standalone@4.3.3 -r’ FAILED with ERROR: │ [ error ] [build] COMMAND: npx next build FAILED with ERROR: Error: [BABEL] /app/node_modules/@appgyver/orchestra-sdk-api/src/index.ts: You gave us a visitor for the node type TSInstantiationExpression but it’s not a valid type at verify

Check out this

Ok thanks, seems to be a common issue recently.