4 weeks of Appgyver and all builds failed - Big nono!

I’ve been very pleased with the functionalty of appgyver and I’ve been learning step by step how to make a better app with this platform for at least 3 or for months.
Nevertheless there is something that is really anoying me that is not being able to build the apk successfully not a single time in all this time.
The Build takes over a day to process and in the end it get’s cancelled for some unspecified reason.
The Status page says it’s 100% operation for over 90 days, but it’s not true.

What’s the point of having this free service with all so much goodness if in the end we can’t do anything with it?
I’m willing to see a few more time to see if this is some temporary problem that can be fixed, but if it takes much more time and no progress is made I’ll be forced to abandon this platform to stop wasting my time on doing an app that will never get exported in the end.

By the way, where is the support contact, or is this forum the only support we can have?


I never had any problems. Do u distribute your app the correct way? Did u check your Keystore passwort, etc.

They canceled the builds because of this: Notice about build service delays - #12 by Bas_24

I keep having this:
Version: 2.6.3
Status: error
Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details."

I guess the forum isn’t either where the support can be reached.
Can anyone tell how to contact the support?