404 Errors on Page Refresh

Been having this issue for a while, and wanted to make it’s own thread. For the last few AppGyver build services released, the file structure seems like a mix between m-page, html, and regular page files. This structure has changed over time and the current versions do not work properly. They cause a 404 error on refreshing the page unless the page is “index”. I have tried deploying multiple recent build services on two different hosting sites: Digital Ocean and TiinyHost. Have had no luck with either. We are a small business using AppGyver as a SaaS and we have not been able to push updates for some time now due to this issue.

One thing worth noting is that the app works fine on the AppGyver hosted link, no refresh issues. Only when the app bundle is downloaded as ZIP and redeployed do I see the issue.

I was able to solve this issue by changing my hosting service from Digital Ocean to Firebase, and enabling “cleanUrls”: true in firebase config file