50 DAYS without being able to actually launch AppGyver products

@Harri_Sarsa @Mevi

It is now 50 days since a critical bug arose on in the build service that meant every single iOS build used placeholder assets instead of the assets uploaded in the Build Configurator. This means the app is rejected by Apple upon submission, with no recourse.

It is now 50 days since AppGyver developers have been able to release a single product on iOS.
Urgent bug fix for a client? - forget it…
Want to meet a deadline you previously agreed upon? - you’re dreaming…

While I firmly believe in the capabilities of AppGyver and the value it provides, the fact that a bug exists that prevents developers from simply delivering the products they’ve worked so hard to create… and the fact that such a bug has existed for almost 2 months without being addressed with any kind of sense of urgency by the AppGyver team…

It just makes me feel kind of defeated as somebody who has invested so much time to learn and master this platform, and who has advocated so hard for it among my peers. This is tanking the reputation of agencies and devs that are not able to deliver the products they’ve built and it’s making deliverables impossible to meet for developers.

I don’t know if there’s anything more I can say.



I have updated my app in this time, no issues what so ever.

I read everything on the forum and its the first time I hear you ranting about this. Where is the thread where you have been working with the team to get it resolved and seeing who else is affected?

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Have you successfully built and released on iOS - can you confirm you’ve done this in the last few weeks? What build version have you used? @Phil_Evans

I have continued compiling using 3.3.5 without issue. Have you tried this?



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Yep, probably tried about thirty builds in 3.3.5, with no dice. Tried switching out the assets… I’ve tried it all.

Strange. As you can see, mine is building fine, so its not affecting everyone. Perhaps try a clone of your app then build only using 3.3.5?

Maybe trying a build with the newer releases messes things up.

I’m glad it’s working for you. Unfortunately at the end of the day, there’s a significant number of users experiencing an issue that turns their AppGyver apps into a digital paperweight. This is a core function that should simply work for every user of the platform. 50 days without this functionality for an entire subset of users is just wild from a product management perspective.

Can confirm that cloning the app does not work. Same issue is encountered. @Phil_Evans

Yes, I get that. Just surprised that there hasn´t been anything on the forum. I don´t follow the tracker as closely.

Tag the Boss in the thread … I can´t recall his name.

@Mevi @Mari can you get the CEO tagged on this? It doesn´t take much bad news in the forum to send every potential new user off to another app.

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@Harri_Sarsa is the AppGyver head of product. He hasn’t been active on the forum in nearly 3 months.

@Marko_Lehtimaki is the CEO

If people at the top of AppGyver don’t have visibility of a critical issue that’s been present for such a long time, then that would be pretty bizarre. This is the kind of issue a product management team shouldn’t sleep until there’s resolution. This is the kind of bug that a CEO should be updated on daily until it’s fixed.

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I know @Mevi is active on here right now. Any insight into the issues would be helpful. This is costing developers money and sleep.

We’ve probably too respectful of the tracker rather than raising red flags on the forum.

These conversation should bump it up the priority list also

And I’m at a loss why it’s working for you but not us and the others on the tracker

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Good plan and good luck!

I count myself lucky not to have been affected by this one.

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Just out of curiosity are you having successful Apple App Store submissions @Phil_Evans? From what I understand all of the builds are completing but it’s the actual submission to the App Store that is getting rejected.

Yes, totally fine. Scroll up, you can see the app store version history of my app.

Interesting! Glad it’s working for you at least.

I will say it would be nice to have a little bit more transparency into the bug fixes. At the same time I understand they have a small team, but this issue was a pretty big one.

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Totally. Documentation, roadmap, fix process, … there is a substantial list of things that can be done better.

But I don´t think my app would exist if it didnt work as well as it does, so I am certainly happy and hoping for improvements rather than exasperated.

I would love to see a monthly “state of play” email from the boss. Cover what was done, what wasn´t done, what is planned for next month, and what is planned within 6 months. Then reference the previous report each time so there is some sort of documented accountability.

An annual blog by the boss is a waste of time.


Oh, I’m sorry it took me this long to notice this thread. :frowning:

There were several issues that were affecting the compiling of some builds after the release of our new builder system on the 4th of April. Not all builds were affected, but the last of the issues should already be solved since last week – are there still issues with compiling on 3.3.X or the latest 4.X?

We have been working to improve our general release processes, but the release of the new builder had a lot of issues despite our efforts, and we’re sorry for that. :disappointed:

When you have build issues, please post them in our tracker https://tracker.appgyver.com as we might not see the message here on the forums as quickly. Also the tracker tickets get then updated when the issue is solved.