A Airtable question: fetch all records

My app fetch data from Airtable which was pretty straightforward. I have a problem with Airtable connection.My data is 400+ records and i need to fetch all records for filtering and ranking. But Airtable will return a max of 100 records.

I have read this topice: Airtable + pagination. But i don’t know how to do it. Would you care to elaborate?

Any help appreciated. Thank you.

The trick is to understand that you can completely ignore the API process, and that instead, you can directly send an HTTP request. The information sent in the HTTP request is the same that is sent through the API interface (bearer key, etc). You can store outputs[“HTTP request”].resBody.offset in a page variable, and if the offset is not empty send the HTTP request again to AirTable. But the difference is, now you will append the offset this way: original url + ?offset= Finally you will get an empty offset, which tells you that all records have been retrieved.