A Big Thank you

Hey Guys - I just wanted to say thank you very for providing this amazing platform, and for helping me to understand it.

With it I was able (as a total non-coder) to build two web apps that made over 90 people very happy this weekend by providing a way to enjoy a ‘lockdown Eurovision Song Contest’ in this tough time.

Sadly Finland didn’t do great (they came 17th with 93 points!) - but it’s the taking part that counts…

I’ll be back to refine these web apps (and work out how to turn them into native apps) once I’ve caught up with my real work, plus I’ve got an idea for another app that I’ll try and build using AppGyver…

Thanks again,



That’s awesome to hear! :slight_smile: Shared this with the team, they were excited.

Let us know how your Composer journey continues!

@Oli_Clark, many congratulations!

If you don’t mine me asking, where did you learn AG from? I am struggling to finds tutorials, apart from the documentations.


It was a lot of trial and error. I started with the 5 basic modules that are at the bottom of the “platform” screen, and once I’d done those I did the to do tutorial and most vitally the Movie Review App tutorial (https://docs.appgyver.com/#movie-review-app-tutorial-video).

Once I’d done all those, I just ploughed ahead, and every time I got stuck I came here to the forum, searched for someone with a similar issue - and if I didn’t find one, then I asked a question…

(I have had experience of some programming (followed a lot of Swift tutorials a few years ago) so I kind of grasp some of the fundamental concepts, but you can see in the way my apps are built that I was learning all the time, and each page gets more sophisticated as I understand more!

Good luck!