A bug changes the logic's parameters

I have 2 pages, one contains a list of stores and the other have each store’s products. So, when I clicked on any store it will takes me to its products page using its ID. That’s work fine.

The issue, when
1- I went back to the logic section and clicked on the “open page” logic in the store list.
2- I didn’t make and changes, and clicked on the stores page again, anywhere or even outside it.
3- Composer enabled the save button!!. after clicking the save button the logic for clicking on the store to show its product will not work.
4- I went back to the logic section and found out that Composer removed the chosen field (id) from the parameters related to the store list.
I have no idea, but it happened many times.

I did noticed this happening as well, particularly in regard to a property coming from repeated list (e.g. current.id).

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Thanks for reporting this, we’ll investigate!

I think it is related to bug I have reported here:

Plus I also noticed that below setting is not passing parameters to the page:

but below syntax does pass parameters…

Shouldn’t both be an equivalent?

The currently repeated value works correctly in case of a simple object (like below), only the nested objects are causing issues.

Agree, it is related.

This bug is something under work too; in the meantime using the formula binding works. Follow at https://tracker.appgyver.com/bug-reports/p/accessing-nested-data-variablecurrent-properties-only-works-via-formula-not-the