A couple of questions before committing

Been playing around with a few no/low code reactive builders of late and Appgyver looks like the most promising one. Loving it so far.

I have a few questions about potentially missing functionality.

Biometric authentication.
I’ve been looking in the docs and the forum for any mention of face/touch ID, but haven’t found
a single mention. I might have missed something? or I’m the only one in need of this? :slight_smile:

Not sure if modals are supported at this point but will it be possible to integrate something
like the fantastic https://jeremybarbet.github.io/react-native-modalize/#/
Or this would be down to someone making this into a custom plugin?

Has there been any further discussion on whether monetization, i.e. in app purchases etc. will
be supported or left to custom plug in devs to do?



Basically every single one of the things you asked for is something that’ll be available with third party plugin support. We are using a biometric authentication plugin in some of our internal projects, and there is no reason why the rest would not work. For monetization, there are two feature requests, in app purchases here and here.

Basically, all of these will be available on our platform, but aren’t available as of right now, so depending on your schedule, it might be okay to wait for these or not. I hope this answers your questions, if you want me to elaborate on anything or want more info, I’ll try my best to answer!

Thank you Mevi,

Sounds like the wise thing for me to do is sitting back and observe where the platform is going, while
poking around just for fun and learning in preparation :slight_smile:

Is there a rough timeline for when we can expect this to be released? I see that Harri was feeling the pressure and hoping for weeks in early August.

Hoping for a vibrant plug in dev community that will push both appgyver and our apps to endless possibilities! :smiley:

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I feel wary about giving out any timelines as it’s difficult to say and I’m not aware of all the details. However I do know we plan to implement the support for third party plugins after we get the 2.X version of our client out. The estimate I would feel comfortable giving would be “before the end of the year” and feel fairly certain that it would be true :sweat_smile: A more optimistic answer would be October, but this I’m not that confident about.


Thank you Mevi,

Haha sorry, didn’t mean to put you on the spot there. Doesn’t sound crazy far off then, I like that.
Should give me time to get the basics down and learn how to use the formulas properly, rather than randomly clicking stuff (my current approach).

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