A few question regarding the platform

Hey there, I do have a few questions regarding AppGyver and if they are achievable.

  1. I would like to know if there is a way to click on the button with immediate action with a focus on it. So basically the standard usecase would be login/signup. Usually, you have some input fields and below is a button to log in. With a focus on the input field (and keyboard up) I cannot click on the button with a first click. First I have to lose the input field focus (click elsewhere) and then I can click on the button. Seems like with the focus on the input field the rest of the display area is disabled. In any other app you can actually click on the button even with focus on.

  2. At Android there is a really weird top grey status bar. Just above my app, there is an Android status bar. Tried to disable the safe area but the result was the same. Here’s a screenshot so you know what I am talking about (sorry for the quality, best I can provide at the moment).
    Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 9.15.41

  3. And the most important one is there a way how to change the logic flow so one action waits for the previous one. Basically, if you have for example a User’s profile it takes up to 2 seconds to open that profile. However, if I have a slow internet connection or older device and can manage to click on the user’s profile multiple times, it does open multiple times. So instead of registering a click and waiting for the output of that click, the app does register multiple clicks and open the very same page multiple times. Is there anything I can do in order to prevent this from happening?

Thanks in advance for any answers. @appgyver <3

  1. If you find a solution to this one I´d implement it too. It seems that while the keyboard is up no buttons work.

  2. There´s some flow functions called debounce and throttle. Check them out.

  1. @Jaroslav_Krajca @Phil_Evans Is this happening for you on Android or iOS, preview or built app? I tried to make a setup with an input field and a button, and when testing on iPhone preview at least, it does trigger the button’s action even if the keyboard is up.

  2. We noticed the same and are working on a theme variable where you could control the bg color of the status bar.

  3. @Phil_Evans nailed it :slight_smile:

@Mari Thanks for the answers.

  1. Sending video where I am trying to click on the Save button with a focus on a name field. Video HERE

  2. I know that you hate giving us some ETAs, however, do you see it done within weeks or more like months?

  3. So in my case I will need Throttle, right? Thanks for that :slight_smile:

About the issue where you need to double press in order to press the button, i dont know if i understand correct, but you could use the blur trigger to trigger event from pressing enter (also i dont know if this works on the enter existing on smartphone keyboards)
but take a look

  1. Interesting, I would suggest you create a bug ticket for this. I have an older app built with AppGyver on my phone that doesn’t exhibit this behaviour (can click “sign up” even if the email input is focused), so it’s a regression.

  2. It’s scheduled for this week :slight_smile:


@Jaroslav_Krajca there is now a theme variable for $colorSafeAreaTop :slight_smile:


@Mari Hmm, why do I only see the following: "
iOS status bar background color
$colorSafeAreaTop" is it just a bad working? I have changed the color and nothing changed at all, neither iOS nor Android.

@Jaroslav_Krajca hmm, this is what it looks like to me on iOS when I set the color to red:

I’ll ask what the situation is with Android, if that can also be controlled. :slight_smile:

@Jaroslav_Krajca this was a misunderstanding on my part, seems that this has been a solution for iOS where there’s a safe area at the top and bottom of the screen, a more comprehensive solution for all platforms is still in the works. Apologies for that!

@Mari Thanks for the response. I was also confused as I have never seen an issue on the iOS platform and this issue occurs on every Android (for most programming languages btw, we had the same issue with Flatter and React Native). I really hope, you will do the same for the Android soon. :slight_smile: Also, do you have any update on 4.X release, please? I think it’s been in the QA for some time now, so just been wondering :slight_smile:

Hi, it’s been months. Do you have update on the solution for Android?