A forever "SAVE AS" when editing inside a composite component?

Hello Community and SAP Appgyver Team,
The frequent asks to Save As in Composer Pro are nothing new. Especially when switching from one page view to another page view and that for no obvious reason.

However in the latest version of Composer Pro, when editing inside a composite component, after having saved the modifications the Save As is back ! And forever ! ;
You can be “saving as” 10 or more times in a row and it will never go away. However, the modifications have already been saved and applied to the app being previewed !
The only “workaround” I found to make “Save AS” disappear is to refresh the Composer Pro page in the browser.
That’s extremely annoying.

@Kirill_Leventcov , may you please have a look ? Is Component Template editor “broken” ?
kind regards; Piotr