A good Guide for uploading pictures / files is missing

There are many who have problems uploading images / files with AppGyver. Being able to upload pictures or files is a very important part of app building, I think. Maybe the team behind AppGyver can make a completely clear guide on how to do this. The guide that is available is completely useless to follow and what is written in the forum is just a lot of changes and bad answers. Most of us here are not programmers and want clear guides that we can follow straight from.
Use ex. Backendless, restdb.io or airtable or other equivalent host.

Thanks in advance


That is because their pickimage flow function doesnt work. We opened a ticket, but at the rate their team moves it will probably take months to fix.

One of the programmers mentioned it was a “runtime” error. You would think such an important function would be fixed quickly. The delay just convinces most of us that either they don’t know what is going on, are too overwhelmed with work to fix it, or dont care.

But that is most likely why you are unable to get it working. I wouldnt waste your time on it until its fixed.

Okay, that’s why nothing’s happening. Thanks for the information and hope they can fix it soon, otherwise I try to find another solution.

I want to take a picture and upload the file to my server…
but the “upload files” function doesn’t s seems to be working… as per the documentation i could not make it work…
this is what i did :

i have set upload file property as :
SET_KEY(outputs[“Take photo”].photoFile,“uploadUrl”, “https://myserver.imagefolder.com/”)

is there anything else to do?
for me nothing is happening… no output at all… nor the file is uploaded…
Spent two days to figure it out… no result…

please anyone can help?