A poor testimony for Appgyver

I have and I still love Appgyver, but with the latest runtime versions and improvements it is getting worse and worse from my point of view as well.

I’ve developed quite a few apps with Appgyver from a few pages with few images to large ones with quite a bit of data. But for some time now, the build is no longer so manageable. Either the build breaks or then it works all at once (and I haven’t changed anything).
Makes a rollback to a version that still went well. 3.5 ect were also good from my point of view. Now it is just a crap. See for yourself in the forum all the errors of builds.

There is value placed on things that could have been made many later. Builds first a stable construct and not something like a new Marketplace or Icon, which are not even displayed in the build. (Since July you know about it and is still on “Planned” Bug Report Icon).

Appgyver has such a potential, but it is massively slowed down by constant problems until it hopefully does not destroy itself (see migration to other no-code providers).

It’s a pity that I have to say this, but there are also customers who are waiting for their product and if I can’t deliver it, they are very disappointed.

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Hey I recently started to have this feeling too. Not sure what the team is doing internally, maybe a big change underway, but currently it’s NOT reliable. When people start to use Appgyver for more serious purposes, reliability is expected.

The build has been problematic for 4 days straight now without resolution or details into what’s going on, which is nowhere near what you would expect from a cloud solution.

Appgyver is great but for me reliability is the problem.