A thank you to Appgyver

Let me be that fellow and say that I hope everyone had a fine and safe Christmas/holiday season.

With the new year upon us, currently playing peek-a-boo as of this writing, I want to personally thank the Appgyver team for their hard work and continued support of this platform and of us, the small app developers; Harri, Mevi, Tomi, and so many others on the team that contribute their time and knowledge. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also thank the Appgyver company as a whole for providing such a versatile and promising platform that is accessible to, both, novice and advanced users.

My small team (a couple of guys getting together for a big passion project) have long come to the conclusion that Appgyver is the place for us. We love the React-style approach and the great internal flexibility, combined with, effectively, infinite available development time at no expense – i.e. monthly costs – which is very helpful when working on a steep budget. We love that Appgyver sees continued advancement and we’re very much anticipating big improvements to come in 2021. We’re pretty darn confident we’ll be there to learn, work, and help make this platform ever better as we can.

It goes without saying that this past year has been a challenge with Coronavirus/COVID-19/“The Coof” changing the very ways we live and harming so many. But I do believe that better things are always ahead at each milestone. What would the journey be without the work along the way? I hope you all can and will see past your limiting beliefs and doubts and always seek out what serves you and yours better.

With that said, I wish everyone the best and a most productive year ahead in 2021.

Be safe, be well, stay motivated, and stay active.


Thank you for being with us and happy New Year!


Thank you, @Akseli_Virtanen. :slight_smile: Same to you.

Just got back from holidays to read this, thank you for the kind words! Doing our best! :slight_smile:


Hey, awesome. Hope it was a good holiday for all of you. Just thought a little appreciation would be a nice thing to get us all motivated for the year ahead.

Take care!

I absolutely agree. I, too, want to thank the Appgyver team. You are doing very useful and necessary work. And I wish you a productive year! I really hope Appgyver will become #1 in professional low-code development of high-performance applications.


I concur with the original poster. After researching several low-code and no-code platforms, AppGyver (which I read about on another low-code site) made the top three. I’ve been working my way through the getting start video challenges, and I am impressed by how easy the platform is to use. Thank you!