A very long time to save changes in the application builder!


I would like to know why it often takes several minutes to save changes to the application builder. This is not always the case, because sometimes saving changes takes a few seconds. I have a very fast internet connection so that is definitely not the case.

This is very tedious when I often have to wait several minutes to save one small change to my application.


This has been reported in at least 3 other threads in the past 2 days. Read more here:


same thing here. It happens sometimes.

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AppGyver really seemed like a great tool, but its terrible performance forced me to switch to the competition (Flutterflow) even at the cost of several dozen dollars a month.

Until AppGyver improves performance and speed, I’m not going to come back here. It’s a pity. I was deeply disappointed.

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I’m also seeing very long save times for very minor changes. Occasionally up to 2 minutes. This is a new problem and didn’t exist a week ago (at least for my app)

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That happens to me too :pensive:, even the stop using to see what I can do, if I for example just add a container and rename the container, it takes a while just to change that name and that without saving, and when I save it takes 3 minutes, and yesterday was 2 minutes, today dawned more but that yesterday. To open a canvas it takes about 1 minute, and that in this page is very light.

I think I’m going to give myself a break, because if I were to do a bigger project, I think it would be even worse.

Who knows what will happen, if it’s the servers, or some updates that damaged the performance, I don’t really know. But good thing they looked at the performance.

I already see many people on Telegram, Facebook, Communities outside of this one, and they are kind of worried because they don’t perform with their deliveries due to the high slowdowns of Composer :pensive:.

An update. This problem seems to be resolved. Save times are back to normal. I didn’t change anything on my end. I assume that something was updated at Appgyver.

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Today I improve a little, but every 2 or 3 hours it takes a long time to save.

… and the long save times are back. Not sure why they arrived, disappeared or reappeared.

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Super long to save right now!

This need to be fixed.
This should be the absolute priority.

It has been a month I am rebuilding my app to get better performance on appgyver by reducing the number of pages, which works, but now with those super long saving delays it is not tolerable.

I can’t lose more time because of appgyver performance, I am tired

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