Ability Scoping Question regard offline capability

Hey All,

I have been using bubble for some years but I have a project that requires some things that bubble can’t do for me and I came across Appgyver.

I want to get an idea of whether Appgyver can achieve what I am looking to achieve and also how hard it will be.

Not so much hard in terms of learning and doing but does Appgyver excel in these requirements or will it be a hacky work around type of thing.

So basically I need an app that can work offline and the user can do the following.

The user would fill out some forms for an audit, perhaps in an area with no/poor phone coverage, with the ultimate goal of exporting those form entries via a csv or some type of spreadsheet.

That spread sheet or a link to it, would then be sent via email to a specific email address.
I did notice google sheet hosting is possible so the biggest missing link may be the offline updates and the email ability.

I would love it if someone with some experience could help me out here…

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I make a equal idea man

Nice man, have you completed the project?

Yes you can use Appgyver’s local storage to save data offline and then sync it with an external data source later. You can call an external email service to notify your user.