About google charts example

Hi ,
When I tried to use Google charts example page (J0dVK-nLWYnNp-GyHg-CBw) , but I can’t see charts example now.

The spinner (that’s means wait) will keep appearing forever.

This will display the page, but not the chart.

Is there a situation where this component is not supported on all platforms?


I still feel that there is something fundamentally wrong. I first created a new App and added the Google charts example page (J0dVK-nLWYnNp-GyHg-CBw) to it.
Then I added a page to reference it from Navigation.

But when I view the page, the graph does not show up. When I press the button, nothing is displayed.

Isn’t this feature not working properly?

Hey, the Google Charts component example does work correctly but it only supports mobile – I installed the example page to an app, and it looks like this on an iPhone:

The small red pixel that you see in the web preview in place of the chart signifies that the component is not supported in that environment.

Thank you Mari.
I confirmed .

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