About "importing" or 'uploading' existing files HTML5 docs

I am wondering if it is somehow possible to import HTML5 + javascript created with Tumult Hype into APPGYVER. I know I can embed with a webview but I I would like to have it local to the appgyver app. I guess it would be a type of ‘wrapper’ if that is the correct term

Something like this game: https://www2.aachener-zeitung.de/zva/karlo/flitzeflink/rubiks_mad_scramble_en.html

Hoping there is a way.

Hi! Not really other than using a WebView – some basic HTML can be viewed through the HTML component, but JS is not included.

@Mevi ,
Thanks, that is what I thought but never hurts to ask.

We have used appgyver to develop our proof of concept and it is great. But we cannot move forward until some more development + bug fixes happen and so the programmers I am working with suggest moving to Flutter, which I am looking at.


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