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I want to add a login function and my page function. Please tell me to use core and logic method.

If you select “Auth” from the global toolbar at the top and click “Enable authentication”, you’ll can choose between AppGyver hosted user management or Direct third party authentication (if you have your own service to authenticate against); the Hosted custom auth integration is reserved for our enterprise AppGyver Black customers.

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Login function has been added!
How to add sign up?


Login function has been added!
How to add sign up?

The AppGyver Hosted Authentication unfortunately doesn’t currently have a way to let users sign up; you need to integrate with a custom backend for that.

We’re hoping to possibly expand the functionalities, but then you run into things such as having to be able to implement a Forgot Password functionality, which requires setting up an email sending service and template and website etc.

The plan is to expand the same visual creation paradigm to a Backend-as-a-Service product, which would then contain both the basic templates and customization opportunities for everything required.

Alternatively, we are considering a deeper integration with e.g. Google Firebase or Auth0, so you can leverage their packaged functionalities without having to learn to build/configure the backend integration yourself.


Can we complete the our app we’re making now with appgyver , and then add Google Firebase ourselves ?

Yeah, you’ll just switch the Authenticate user (AppGyver) flow to one that auths with Firebase. Once your app is otherwise complete, happy to help you with the implementation too!

@Harri_Sarsa Thanks!
I’m sorry for asking so many times.
Where is “Authenticate user (AppGyver) flow”?
Which “authentication method” should be selected for “AUTH” section?

The Authenticate user (AppGyver) flow is in the default logic under the login button on the Log in page that is created when you enable AppGyver Hosted Auth for your app.

When you’re ready to switch away to your custom auth, you can swap the auth type to Direct third party authentication.

Note that we don’t yet have a ready-made template for Firebase auth, so you need to figure out what sort of API calls to make with the HTTP request node yourself.

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Thank you
I’m grateful for your support !!

…by the way
『 Once your app is otherwise complete, happy to help you with the implementation too!』
↑ The sentence you said
So, Can you help us with our implementation?
Will you include firebase in our completed app?

@shoichiromurayama-sa & @Harri_Sarsa

Were you able to get Firebase user authentication setup?

I’m trying to sort through it now using the HTTP Request Node but am a little lost as to where to start.

Do you have any examples or documentation you can share as to how to properly format the HTTP Request node?

We’ll see about getting a Firebase auth example up, nothing ready-made yet though!


I use Firebase with a lot of my projects, otherwise I use Airtable (db only). I’m a newbie to App Gyver though I am advanced with Thunkable X. I am guessing Firebase Auth is possible using their Rest API? If you have time to create a tutorial on this I’d love to check it out!


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