About Search Bar

I am using the search bar from the component market and binding it to the visibility to filter the display of a repeated list just like the tutorial: https://docs.appgyver.com/appgyver-academy/tutorials/power-ups/power-up-sorting-and-filtering-data

However, as my repeated list has roughly 1000 items, the app lags quite a lot if the search criteria update everytime an alphabet is entered. Is there a way to delay the assignment of the search text to the page variable with a trigger (eg. pressing enter/pressing a button)? I tried to investigate the component template for the search bar but there seemed to be no logic flow set. Thanks in advance.

Add a button at the end of the search bar. I mean have a container horizontally aligned and two items in it. Search bar and the button. Then bind the logic of showing the filtered items to button on tap event.

Or maybe use pagination to show less results on one single page. For example the first 100 or less. Then an arrow forward and backward. So the app doesn’t lag, you have control over your page’s looks and so on.

In this video I use a Recycler View with a search bar. I think it performed very well!

thanks for the reply!
I’ll look into pagination. Didn’t try it because I was afraid that it will hinder the filter result from the search

thanks for the reply!
I am already using a recycler view. Was your video recorded from Android/iOS? I am trying to build a web app so that any device can access from browser.