About tutorial progress

Hi, I am a beginner to use AppGyver.

I am studying AppGyver through the tutorial but the tutorial is stuck in 80% status of ‘Intro’.
I have finished all 5 courses but the 4th course is marked unchecked whatever I did.

I am wondering I need some permission from you to continue or
there are some configurations in my laptop or browser or in your web page.

Thanks in advance.


Hi KJ,

I have feeling that doesn’t work, it the same issue for me. I also tried another browser but after watching Edit Component styles and a couple of those old video is just get stuck there.

Be good if we can just full unlock or skip. Anyway you might have to go to the Documentation to watch it individually. Personally I just minimize that bottom bar.


I just wanted to follow your guide step by step.
Anyway, I will keep studying through the Documentation.