Academy is confusing


I am learning AppGyver and I using the resources in the Academy. But I have a hard time to navigate around. There are Introduction, tutorials, quick on boarding, using composer pro, starting learning composer pro, core lessons and more. To me they are all sounding the same. I am getting confused so I actually can’t find what I was working on yesterday. I am learning with video: data resources, creating data variables and getting data to place in a list. I can’t find that “tutorial” anymore, cuz I am looking through it and every above mentioned “introduction” is confusing.

There is a potential of an Academy. Gamification, guided learning, rewards for achievement etc. But at the moment it is a bit confusing to guide oneself around. I keep looking for my video tutorial…

edit: found another one “power-up videos”… huh?

I am not complaining on the amount of help AppGyver team is offering but the structure is very confusing.