Academy Update: New Core Lesson on Data & Integrations + Todo App tutorial

Hi there!

This week we have 2 AppGyver Academy related updates for you all:

  • We’ve just uploaded a brand new Core Lesson 3 - Data and Integrations
    It features 5 new videos and provides a detailed overview of Data resources and REST integrations.

  • We re-did and refreshed the Todo App tutorial with a brand new video!
    Even if you have seen the old one, you might catch some new things from this one :slight_smile:

I hope you find the content useful!
Again, if you have any ideas or feedback regarding the Academy, please let me know.


Very nice effort, the new todo app tuto is much welcome and really helps to grasp the key concepts of data, variables and repeats for newbies like me.
But I give it :eight_pointed_black_star: :eight_pointed_black_star: :eight_pointed_black_star: :asterisk: :asterisk: because the presenter speaks too fast, in an rushed, robotic way - clearly she’s reading a script. Not asking you to match award winning Webflow University 2.0’s tutorials but a little human touch would be nice.
Please keep in mind not everyone’s first language is English, we’re using no code mostly because code and its logics (variables, flows, etc…) are foreign to us, and learning is a process where only so much information per second can be digested.
You’re still the best no code tool out there and I’m so glad I found you, but dang what a steep learning curve - you’re making me sweat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Keep it up. Thanks always.

@Fred_Kuzyk Thanks for the feedback!
We do all of the writing and production for the material ourselves so there’s quite a few talents to master :sweat_smile:
The challenges for beginners is something we recognize and there’s going to eventually be material teaching the terminology and concepts in a more beginner-friendly pace!

While the new todo tutorial was obviously scripted, if you look at any of Mevi’s other tutorials (such as:, you can see that even when on camera, she can go through a lot of complex info and procedures very quickly.

English is my first language, and I have to pause, backup, and replay just to keep up… lol :wink:. I do not feel this is because the presenter is too fast. I think maybe it is because she is a lot smarter than me, and even when having to explain her every move on the screen, works at a pace that exceeds my ability to soak in - on the fly - all of the information being presented.

The cool thing about video training though, is that we can pause, backup, and replay, which allows me to absorb the info being presented at a pace I am comfortable with. Formulas are the toughest for me. I think I need a deep dive into how AppGyver uses them.

AppGyver team, I really appreciate all of your hard work!!!


Looking forward to the beginner friendly tutorials!

For example, I did not understand the Composite Components Events part in this Core Lessons 2. Is there written documentation about it somewhere? Or maybe even an old video demo about it?

Also I think you could make the videos super short, which would ease and simplify your recording. Why not as short as the time needed for explaining one concept? Then tag each of them with relevant keywords so we can easily search and find the info. Pb with long videos is that we have to “scroll” through it to get to the point we’re looking for. Just some practical suggestions I’m sharing here.

Thanks anyway.


Thanks a lot for the feedback! I will only make one small correction in that it’s not Mevi in the Todo app tutorial, but our newest tutorial cast member Cecilia :slight_smile:

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Hi Cecilia, sorry for confusing you with someone else! :zipper_mouth_face:

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