Accepting credit card payment ( ?)

Hi im looking for payment integration and i know that there are already questions but i hope that there is some progress made, So has anyone made payment work?

Im looking for payment using credit card and not PayPal (like PayPal button)

One comment that interested me was this

Also if there are any experts that can help with this with compensation, send me a private message!

Any help appreciated

Nope, I think that the posts about Stripe are what’s possible at the moment. Other than those, payments especially on mobile pend on third party support and possibly additional things.

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hello! so does the mobile payment like mtn and other service providers can work?

I’m not familiar with them, but if they require a plugin/sdk or build configuration, which I expect they would, they are not available at the moment.

-ok thank you. so how about the subscription plan(if i create an app that have plans like free and premium and users can have restriction according to the plan they have purchased) with stripe?
-will i be able to create the login using apple id or google id?
-will i be able to create a video call option?
-one more thing can the app be able to show online users?
and block users or report them?


  • I don’t know, but I doubt it, check from Stripe docs how it works.
  • If you do it yourself, sure? I have never done apple/google id login though so I don’t know. I know some forum users have managed to do at least google log in.
  • Not at the moment, only after third party plugin support is out.
  • This completely depends on the backend that you use for your app, but I don’t see why it would not work.