Access denied errors on web app build (no issue on preview)

Hey guys. I’m dabbling in web apps now for the first time and I am having major issues post-build with authenticating. I built on the latest available version.

Basically, what I’m doing is passwordless login, so:

  • User enters their email
  • User receives a magic link
  • User clicks the magic link which passes a magic token back to the web app
  • The magic token is used to authenticate the user and store an auth token

This works fine in Preview mode. I receive the email and hardcode the preview URL with Page ID plus my query parameter, so it looks like:

In the build mode version I use:

This just returns:
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


Access Denied



Do I just need to host it myself, eg. on S3?

For what its worth, I’m basically doing manual authentication - authentication is disabled because it seems like AG doesn’t support query parameters being passed into page parameters while in initial view. So effectively, I manually check for the auth token on every page I need auth for. Not sure if this is related.

Hi there, i think your problem, is the same as described here

i would appreciate if you take some time to confirm and maybe vote here to be resolved.

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