Access user's IP address?

I’m interested in setting the user’s location based on their IP address, but I don’t see that as a system variable.

Is that data accessible somewhere? If not, are there any roundabout ways to get it?


@Erin_Wagner there could be some workaround of course. for example, if you want to get the IP address of the user you can use some API service of jsonip or ipinfo. Then you can use the IP address to get location info

Thanks @Aqil_Abbas_khan! I should have been more clear. I’m planning on using IPStack to get the location, but I can’t find the ip address in the system variables. That appears to be the missing piece.

Hi! I don’t think the IP address is available, so you’d have to get the location instead, unfortunately :disappointed_relieved:

I did a small PoC and verified that IP address of the client is available, for golang, the RemoteAddr field in http.Request object has the value.

Hi Ashish! I’m finally circling back to this feature and just noticed your reply. Is there any chance you could explain (in terms a no-coder would understand) how I could access the IP address in the http.Request object?