Accessibility issue when user increased font size on device

We’re currently doing closed user testing with our app and we’re running into an issue where our UI is breaking when users increase the font size on their Android device (via Settings >> Accessibility >> Visibility enhancements >> Font size and style.

How it looks with the standard font size:

How it looks when users increase the font size on their device:

We have a number of older users who increase the font size on their phone so they can read messages etc.

Is there anyway within AppGyver to override the setting or at least ensure the text is not allowed to bleed out of the container / element when users do increase their device font size?

Hi Ben, unfortunately there’s currently no option to override the system font size change or to detect if a user has changed their accessibility settings, could be a good idea for a feature request. Only thing I can think of for now is to scale the UI down enough to accommodate the size increase.

Thanks @Mari,

I thought that might be the case. I’ve added a feature request for this here:

Fingers crossed you can get to it soon :slight_smile:

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And then if a user reduces their font size its too small!