Accessing JSON-formatted data without REST?

Is there a way to get data from a specific URL responding with JSON data as accessing the URL actually runs a php-script and returns JSON data.

If the endpoint returns JSON, then you should be able to use the REST data integration (via Data tab from the global toolbar at the top), regardless of how the backend itself is implemented. Did you try to do it that way yet+

There is also the advanced HTTP request flow function, but in most cases, the REST data resource integration should be enough and is the preferred one, since it has e.g. schema auto-detection etc.

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Yes, I got it to work. Just needed to use “Get One”, not “Get All”.

I’m trying to do something similar, and am getting an error.

The url with the json file is:

My webserver logs show that the appgyver back end is able to serve it (200 OK), so I’m at a loss. Per, it’s valid json but the test tab just says “Failed to fetch”.

One thing I noticed is that objects (resulting data structure) don’t like keys that are numbers? Is that possibly the problem?

Any other suggestions?

The number keys would sound like an issue, Composer currently doesn’t like objects with number props… You can see the exact error if you open the browser web inspector and see how the request gets resolved.

An alternative way is to use just the HTTP request node, which will fetch any kind of JSON data as-is, and then save it as-is to an app variable like icons that’s just object type without specific schema. The data will be there, even though you can’t define a schema to match it. Then, you should be able to use LOOKUP(appVars.icons, "200") to get the data.


sain uusimmalla Testflightilla tällaisen virheen iPadiin kun päivitin jo viikkoja sitten alunperin aloittamaani appsiä. Appi toimi ensin mutta kun päivitin sen “SAVE” selaimessa, tuli tämä virhe.

En keksinyt miten saan tämän taas toimimaan… any ideas? Virhe toistuu vaikka käynnistäm testflightin uudestaan.

Vai onko Testflightista uusi versio tms?



CONTEXT: App, TIMESTAMP: 1585667842855, MESSAGE: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘Object.keys(t.query)’) keys@[native code]


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