Accessing params with a list item

I’m struggling with a quite simple problem. I’ve got a list item and a details page. I want to show on the details page data based on the selected list item. “Navigation”-item Parameter is of type Object with an item “” (from a formula). How do I get access to this id on the page I’m moving to? Did not find a way to do that even after reading the docs :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

The Parameters object should have a property id with value Then, if you define a Page parameter type variable id on your target page, it’ll have the value of, accessible via in formulas and via the Page parameter direct binding type.

Let me know if that helps!

Yes, that helped me to get the id of the list item. Is there any tutorial already existing on showing how to use that id field to use data items of client-side data storage item? I guess it at least includes using “get record”-logic. Thanks in advance.

It’s the same idea as for all the other data resources – you can either use the Get record flow function, or just add a single record type data variable and bind its ID to the id page parameter – the data variable has default logic then to fetch the record and set its data to the data variable (you can see this logic by selecting the data variable in the Variable editor and opening logic canvas).