Accessing Repeated List of Objects object

I’m attempting to repeat a list of objects which may contain a nested single list of objects. Refer image

However when accessing the sub object directly (there will only ever be one)(repeated.current.PriceEntry[0].PriceEntry_DiscountInput) it returns undefined in the repeated text field


When using a nested ‘repeat as’ nothing appears even though the value exists.

Any ideas as to what may be the issue?

Thanks for any assistance that’s provided.

you need to make the data connection in the data connector and make a test request and the the important thing is to set the schema from the response. Then you will be able to access everything in the composer.

take a look here

Hi Dimos, I found the issue.

It appears you cannot repeat/display a single nested object.

I’ve instead set it as a nested list of objects and now its displaying correctly.

I’m unsure if this is by design???