Accessing value from repeated input field

I have an input field that is repeated and when I press a button I’d like to append the input field value to a list (see below images. Container 1 is repeated and contains a nested list, input, and button).

image image

Is there a way I can access properties of sibling components? In Javascript I would probably use a this keyword to refer to a specific element in a set of repeated elements. Does AppGyver have a similar concept?

How about ‘current’ ?

Hi John, thanks for your reply but I’m not sure it would work. Here’s my reasoning (correct me if I’m wrong):

The current element is simply tied to the collection returned by my data variable (in the example this collection is called bars_list). The current element doesn’t have any knowledge of the input field in the UI.

You’re repeating it as bar so it’s under
The current is just there as a helper and bridge to legacy implementation of repeats. It’s also under repeated.current but only the default name current has this alias shorthand.

I see what you mean and I’m struggling with this now. Have you been able to figure this out?

Any help from this? Performing actions in a repeated list item

Actually not. Because, in that example, there’s no changing input in the repeated container. The value “+1” which is added is inside the formula and static.

Here, it would be the case of allowing the user to change a value of the repeated container through an input which is inside it a given repeated container.

The “current” method gets only the repeated data properties, but not the value from the repeated input.

Hi @Ruy_Mello did you figure this out yet? So it depends on your implementation but lets assume you want to use the onChange event to set the input to a variable. You bind the input to the repeated item that corresponds to variable you want to store or read from. Then you need to set up the onChange event. Use a MAP function to Locate and SET_KEY to the prop/key and the value would be the output from another node ==> outputs[“Component onChange”].eventValue. Hope this helps

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Thanks, @Dika_Oha! That helped me out!

For future reference, should anyone take a look at this post, to enable the onChange event, I had to convert the input field into a container. See “Dropdown logic please” for reference.

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