Accordion data configuration menu missing binding type

So me and others have been struggling to figure out how to “order” data in the Accordion component. It turns out that the configuration menu’s ordering property works the same way as a simple “Get record collection” ordering property. There is however a difference that made a few users some stressful days.

This is the “Select binding type” view on the Get record collection flow:

And here is the (should be same) “Select binding type” view on the Accordion data configuration ordering property:

A few options seem to clearly be missing.

And yes there is the workaround that you can set the ordering formula in the get record flow in the list binding type and save and go back, change that to formula and copy paste that formula into this Accordion data config menu ordering property formula binding type. (Sorry for the long sentence…)
But this is not the most straightforward way of doing it. I mean, at least it took me personally a while to figure this out.

The binding editor is meant to show only relevant usable options for bindings – I don’t think this is a problem with the options available, but rather that there is no example value for it :disappointed: But I added this on our backlog that it needs better documentation and I’ll be asking for some example formula to be autofilled or something to make this less of a hurdle… Thanks for pointing this out!

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