Accordion FAQ - show/hide answers on click of question


I’m trying to make a simple accordion style FAQ. A list of questions with the answer underneath, hidden from view. When you click the question the answer appears and when you click the question again the answer disappears.

Other people have asked similar questions but the answers haven’t helped!

Thanks in advance

Hi Charlotte,

The best way forward is to use a variables for each answer to determine whether or not you want to show this answer. You need to set the initial value of this variable to, let’s say “hide”

Put your answer in a container and add this formula in the visibility field: Pagevariable == “hide”, then the container with the answer will only be visible if the variable is something else than “hide”.

You can then change the value of the variable every time you click the question and the answer will appear and disappear accordingly.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for your help. It pointed me in the right direction and I was able to figure it out :slight_smile: