Add a calander reminder to your google calander

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Add a calendar reminder to your google calendar.

My Goal
1 I set a button on my apps user interface
2 The user presses the button.
3 Whatever I the programmer put in for the reminder will auto generate a reminder for the google.(Example the program sets a reminder to “feed the dog” at a corresponding time slot at 2pm then the app will add feed the dog at 2pm later today to my google calendar. when 2pm arrives it will give me a pop up reminder because that what googles app calendar does.
I did see you could have your own calendar within the user interface, but i don’t partake any interest in creating a calendar app.(I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, i have the google calendar app and i like it.)

Here is another example
Text i want to add to calendar spacer button with the assigned time i put inside
User presses button
Check you bank account at 9pm before you go to bed is added to google calendar.

Summarized:The idea is that when I press a button and it will set a reminder based on how I the programmer see fit.

Here is another example
today’s date “feed/hydrate the cat”
3 options in this situation

  1. 4pm button
  2. 2pm button
  3. Variable button the user specifies what time they will “feed/hydrate the cat”
    The user chooses
    now the user set a variable time for 6pm later today by pressing the button.
    Extra info
    Extra variable can be instead of today’s date you can set it for several months in advance. Example set reminder for 6 months from now or 1 month from now at 1pm or whatever the programmer chooses.
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