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I am new to AppGyver and would like to know how I can create a product ordering form with a Plus button on the end to add another row to allow another item/product to be ordered.

Thank you

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If you just want to have a list of products that are then sent as a whole to the backend, you can just have an app variable like appVars.shoppingCart that’s an array of objects that describe a product.

Then, you would add input fields that are bound to a pageVars.newProduct object that also matches the product schema.

Finally, the plus button at the end simply adds the new product to the array by setting the shoppingCart app variable to the formula

WITH_ITEM(appVars.shoppingCart, pageVars.newProduct)

I hope this helps!


Thank you. I will try and let you know If I come right

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Hi Harri,

I have tried what you said.

Every time I add an item to my cart it adds a line item but changes all the line items to be the same id or name.

Hi, Please can someone assist me in figuring this out?

Sorry for dropping the ball on this! If this is still an issue, could you share your app ID so we could take a look and see if we could figure out what’s wrong? Your screenshots look correct.

Hi Harri,

No prob. Thank you I came right.

The ID was not UIID and it kept changing the initial values etc.