Add Data Resources Menu Problem

Add Data Resources Menu cannot open.


Hmm I’m not having any issues with it, are you still experiencing this problem? If yes, can you open the developer console on your browser (Option + ⌘ + J or Shift + CTRL + J) and see if you get any errors when you try to add a data resource? :slight_smile:

I’m facing the same issue here.

A scrollbar appears instead of the dropdown menu.

Similar thing happens to the top left dropdown menu for changing the target device & canvas size.

But in this case, the selection can be viewed & selected if I scroll to the end of page.

No errors seen in the browser console.

Hi AppGyver dev team, I’m currently facing the same issue. I’ve followed @Cecilia troubleshooting method just now, and it seems there’s an error:

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i opened the developer console, it said error 403, try this 403 Forbidden Error Fix on Google Chrome In Windows 10 [Tutorial] - YouTube
for me, it works

I’m having the same issue with either Safari or Chrome (both in latest version), I’m using MacOS Monterey. Browser console comes with one 403 for Not sure this file causing the issue here. Kindly give it a check else we can’t add data source. It probably bcuz assets access restriction, therefore, owners always can use, but we as a public, having issue to the files, and especially we’re from different countries that the place u hosted, unless you’re having CDN. Appreciate for the team efforts to get this sorted out soonest.