Add Info on One Page and Show on Another

Hey all. I am very much a newbie when it comes to AppGyver. I am trying to find a way to have users put information such as name, age, and things like that in one page and have it create a record on another page with that information… I hope that makes sense. I tried Googling, but I cannot figure out how. If someone could help or point to a video on how to do this I would appreciate it!

Hello there,

Have You completed all the tutorial videos available in the Composer tool?
I mean from the question it seems that You would need an app variable or a data resource…

If You just need to use the same information in another page, just create an app variable in the variables tab of Composer.

If You need to save the data for later You will need to configure data resources under the data navigation tab in Composer. (If you only need to access that data on the same device later, you need on-device storage, if you want to sync it up to cloud You would need for example Firebase Connector or other Rest api…)

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I have completed about 40% of the videos. I figured I would need an app variable, but I cannot seem to find a clear video on how to make them. I have watched the one how to create data variables and page parameters, but I have not come across any for app variables.