Add map with ability for user to locate himself by dropping pin

Hi there,

what would be the best way to implement such feature?

If I could break it in two:

  1. how would you go about adding a map to a page (video here seems outdated:
  2. how would you go about implementing a map in the filters of a list, with which the user can position himself by dropping a pin (and then pass the geolocation info to API)?


Map component is upcoming; you can follow the feature at – it will support an event where tapping on the map gives you the tapped point coordinates, so you can then render a marker based on that or send the info to an API.

The video is from an older version of Composer, sorry for the confusion!

Thanks Harri! Any idea about timing? Is there a workaround we can do via javascript?

Since the mobile app runs on React Native, not JavaScript/HTML, it’s a bit more limited. However, the basic map component should be available relatively soon, i.e. weeks instead of months; I’ll keep the tracker updated.

Further on, you’ll be able to create your own React Native/React web plugins to bring in new APIs and components, at which point you could implement a completely custom map – but that’s still a while away.

Sorry for the wait, we’ll work hard to move this forward!

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Gotcha! Thanks!
Once we’ll be able to create our own React Native / web plugins to bring in new APIs and components AppGyver will really be ready for takeoff!
Looking forward to these releases!
Thanks for your prompt responses!