Add new Data Source is Not Functioning

Try to add a new data source but has not response after clicking the + button

Last week I try all are working fine, but since last 2 days , is not working as per expected.

Hi, I couldn’t replicate the issue, what browser are you using? Chrome is our recommended browser at the moment.

I use another cloud server and no such issue, I think is my side PC issue. Thanks

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I’m still having this problem. I’m using chrome

I am having no issues with this menu, however, (this is unrelated, but just a thing) I see that there is a menu, the “File Uploads” which I don’t have, also the AUTH icon does not appear. Open the dev console to see if there are any errors, if you get any related to pressing that button, add them to this post. I would create a new app with the Chrome browser and see if it works. That’s all the ideas I got for now. Best of luck!