Add new object in an object list of object lists

hi, i have a list of objects (red) in a list of objects (blue)

and when i tap the blue list i want to add the black object in it.
so in the tap of the item in the blue list i set the blue list like this

(and i have this error even though the objects are the same)

But now the problem, is that when i tap, it doesnt work, do you know what formula to use instead?
Thank you in advance

The warning seems to point out that the order of the object properties is not the same. This is why it says it is not compatible. Like check the example result. You have different property order.

Maybe try doing this formula:

WITH_ITEM([0].foods, {price: pageVars.choosen_food.price, oldprice: pageVars.choosen_food.oldprice, image: pageVars.choosen_food.image, description: pageVars.choosen_food.description, title: pageVars.choosen_food.title})
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Let me try that and get back, but the truth is that the objects are the same i dont know why thats shown