Add record to firebase, then refresh list in page

Page have a list of “To do” items. It initially reads from firestore, then display the repeating list of “To do” records.
On the same page, it have an input box to enter new To do item. Then user click on button to add the new item.
I have confirmed that the add record is successful.
How can I force the page to refresh to show the new “To do” list containing the one that was just added?
I have tried these flow logic in the add todo button:
Create record → Alert → Get record collection
Create record → Alert → Get record collection → Open page (selected the same page as the current page. This new step actually does not do anything).
Create record → Alert → Get record collection → Set data variable (the same variable is tied to the repeating todo list).
NONE of the above works. Can someone help me?

Also, how do I reset the Todo input box after clicking on button to save?

That is how it should work because you have to Set the variable = record collection to refresh the repeated displayed record items. Maybe just have the Get record collection in a 5 second delay loop on the Page mounted event, like the default Data variable logic does and see if that refreshes it automatically for you.

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To clear the Input Box you just set the variable that is binded to it = “” (blank)

I only want it to refresh after the button click.
Putting it in a 5 second loop will cause a lot of unnecessary reads, which will end up having a huge bill from google.
there must be a way to do this only after button click. such feature is very basic.

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I have an API data source that I configured a while ago. This process flow works.
I have another that I configured last week. No matter what I do it doesn’t work. :man_shrugging:

no solution? I have the same problem.

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This might not sound clean, what I did is after the button click I added a Open page logic and the Page is itself, which means you retrieve the list only one more time once the button is clicked.

it works though

I have the same problem at the mobile preview but there’s no problem when i try add record at the web preview