Add text on image and export to phone gallery

Hallo AppGyver Community,

I have just started using AppGyver Composer and I love it. However for some functionality I need, I don’t know how to solve it now.

My problem:
Users should be able to take a picture and add some text on it, like a meme maker. Finally it should be possible to export the created image with text to the phone gallery or even share it with friends directly via Whatsapp for example.

Now in the first step I can’t really find out how to add text an image and export it to media gallery in the next step. Are there any best practices?

I have tried using a container set the captured image as background image and add a text to it, however then i don’t know how to export it as image with the text.

I have also tried using the “open image editor” from the flow function market. I have connected it on the logic canvas to the image event “component tap”. But when I try using it, the debugger console gives me the following error message.

23 Apr 12:01:16 - [error] [function:Open image editor] TypeError: is not a function. (In ‘{
})’, ‘’ is undefined)

I highly appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance

Looks like the Open image editor node was broken, latest update fixes it. However, it currently just supports cropping/zooming – we should implement a better one:

I just published the Capture screenshot flow function as a beta version – you might be able to use that to capture the parent container where you have your image and text. It’s still in beta so it might not work correctly; let me know how it goes.

Thank you for your fast reply, I will try the Capture screenshot flow function and I will let you know if there is any bug.

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I didn´t found this.