Add the value of an input field to an existing number


How can I make it so that when I enter a numeric value into an input field, and press on an ADD button, that entered amount is ADDED to another piece of text? For example, the text says 10. I click on the input field and type in 10, then I click on a button that says ADD, and the original text now says 20, because 10 was added to that 10.

Same with a SUBTRACT button, which will SUBTRACT instead of ADD.

How can I implement this into my app?
Any help appreciated.


Feel free to ask me to explain in more detail. :smiley:

Pagevar = STRING(NUMBER(Pagevar) + NUMBER(Textinput))


Wow! I completely forgot about this post. Sorry for the late response, but thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:

Is this also possible with a data variable?
Means that all data entrys should be added with one formula.