Add up all entries

how do i sum all values ​​sent from an app variables,

I want to sum all these values ​​example return the total of the sum of entries =5

Well the question is not specific enough for me to give you an exact answer.

If it is an array of numbers as an object property then use:

SUM_BY_KEY(listofobjects, propertywhichtosumby)

If it is just a list of numbers then:


If it is something else, you might need a different solution.
*btw, the above functions can all be found in the

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I’ll give an example, there’s a form, where the customer sends messages, and in it I put a variable app to count how many messages the customer sent, example the customer sent the form 5 times with variable app already filled in with value 1


I mean… you just create a number type of app variable. On each message sending logic flow do a “Set app variable” flow. There bind it to a formula:


On each sent message it will add one to the counter value…